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Let's Do Green Friday

Let's Do Green Friday

Apparently something is happening this Friday? Something so heavily advertised that we are being bombarded with black and dark feelings of compulsion to buy, or lose out.

Last year $717.5 billion was spent on Black Friday, many of these items bought will already be in landfill, but we supported it, we, the human race supported it.

Fear of missing out is rife -What if it’s all sold out? What if I can’t get that ‘bargain’? What if I have to pay full price? What if I can’t make my loved one happy? The powers that be know this, they’ve tapped into our psyche and we are actually being tricked. A black day is coming... This is consumerism at its WORST and it cannot continue.

So like last year, we are fighting back. This year will be GREEN FRIDAY, we are going to donate HALF of all our SALES (not profit) to buy trees. Yes HALF.

We have a lovely field and we want to fill it with trees. Trees we will propagate and plant in house. Trees from local sources. Trees that harmonise with our countryside. Local trees that will suck carbon out of the atmosphere and create a habitat for wildlife.

Why? Because WE ARE in the beginning of a mass extinction... our planet is in CRISIS MODE and its up to us, and you, to make change.

This Christmas it is predicted that the there will be the weight of 3.3 million penguins of plastic waste. ‘The UK’s Christmas gift to the environment.’ – Wildlife and Countryside Link

Buy less, choose well or buy nothing at all.

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  • I’ve only just come across you and have read your Green Friday idea and your philosophy. Just brilliant – I know we can all do something as individuals, but I also know that major companies need to adopt the same ideas that you promote asap, thank you for showing that a better way of living can really happen right now <3

  • Green Friday it is, a great idea and one we must all encourage. Thank you.

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