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Sofas & Chairs

Our Bohemian sofa & chairs collection is one of those that is brimming with artistic flare. Each piece is worthy of note because they are all original. They are all colourful, unique for different reasons and superbly quirky.

There is a traditional look and feel about some items in the way that their elegant wooden feet and arm rests are reminiscent of classical designs. However, the classical and traditional is quickly transformed with Ikat (hand woven) patchwork, spiralled iron bar bases, recycled embroidery, and busy patterns.

They have cultural twists to them that give them a unique edge. They all have personalities that seem to want to burst off the page and vie for your attention. Perhaps it is the culture and creativity they have absorbed throughout their creation. The eco-friendly theme that runs throughout our entire range is again present with our furniture choices.

These pieces are an inspiration and a homage to worldwide diversity. They are ethically produced and all of the materials that are recycled add to the sustainability of their production. If you are searching for individuality and a means to express yourself and give your home a personality then these pages will quench your imagination.

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