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'Sustainability' is something that is cemented in us, not because it's fashionable, or suddenly being recognised as being vital to the world as we know it, this word and all it's connotations is something which is so deeply rooted in us as people, and has been for generations.

We have been brought up to be frugal, to make do and mend and have channelled this energy into our working lives.

The Good & Bad

Raw Materials

58% of our non UK made products are either made from waste, made from re-purposed old materials or are vintage.

22% are made from what we believe are sustainable raw materials such as wool and jute.

20% are made from virgin cotton which is a natural material however the farming of it is resource intensive which is why we are always looking for ways to move away from this material.

Our Premises

Based in Devon, our warehouse and office is powered solely by wind and solar power. We are home to a thriving bee colony, practise holistic land management and have planted over 18,000 trees in the last 3 years. We are aware that the use of tractors can damage soil structures so only use lightweight machinery which is kept to a minimum.


We recycle all the packaging that comes our way, use second boxes and send our products out in upcycled sari bags. We use one protective layer because all products arrive in to us packaging free (unless they are breakable).


We make products that are designed to last, to be cherished and to be mended time and time again. We do not encourage non-considered consumption.

Ignorance is not bliss

Waste has taken over, we believe we have no option but to let waste govern every decision we make and every product we design. We work in reverse, we make what we can from what's already here.

Ignorance is not bliss

Waste, Job Creation and Localisation

I've inherited my Mum's love for rubbish, and enjoy the constraints and creativity it brings to projects. I've always been enthralled by her previous business 'Scrap Scrap' and from a young age dreamt of starting it again.

Waste, Job Creation and Localisation

Minimum Negative Impact, Maximum Positive

Our goal is to make positive change in this world. We don't quite have our exact route planned out yet, but we are finding our way, evolving, improving and learning day by day.

Minimum Negative Impact, Maximum Positive Minimum Negative Impact, Maximum Positive

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