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Why we say NO to Black Friday

Why we say NO to Black Friday


As usual, we will not be participating in Black Friday because represents everything that we are not.

Black Friday is OVER-CONSUMPTION at it's worst.

We don't believe in pushy & impulsive marketing to encourage people to make purchases, purely because an item is cheap and on 'sale'. Don't buy for the sake of buying. 

Additionally, our business model cannot support a discount culture, we sell hand made products, made by people who are paid fairly, and from materials which are sourced sustainably. We don't inflate our prices to then be able to discount them so are already offering our products at the lowest price we can.


The Dark Truth

Our planet is at breaking point, we are very deep into a major world crisis and next Friday, billions of pounds are going to be spent on things no one needs, items made from plastic, which will end up in landfill. Many people will be putting themselves in financial difficultly because of money spent on Black Friday.

If something is heavily discounted, somewhere, someone or something is paying that price, and on Black Friday its our planet that it's costing. 

Please join us the boycott of Black Friday, if you are going to purchase, only do so if it's for something you need and have already been planning to purchase. Support local and small businesses, and shop responsibly, ethically and sustainably, or don't shop at all.


Daisy X






  • Totally agree. Ive never indulged in this black Friday nonsense. Well said Daisy
  • Well done everyone at Ian Snow. Full of respect for the way you run your business. Last time I saw Ian was at a trade show in Delhi about four years ago, he knew of me from my old shop Bringing It All Back Home.

  • How fantastic – I love this Daisy
  • Yes! Great re the field and tree day everybody may feel they can do their bit and feel empowered
  • I am so delighted and supportive of your stance against Black Friday. designed by business men to pressure people to spend more because they were not making the money that they wanted . If I was also in business I would stand shoulder to shoulder with you, as it is you have my complete support and blessings! xx
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