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Vintage sari head band tutorial

We have always loved making things here at Ian Snow's, our mum Jakki used to run a business making clothes from waste, so making, especially with old fabrics is something both my sister and I have been taught from a young age. 

I absolutely love working with scrap fabric as it gives you boundaries - if you set out to design something with all the possibilities available on the market it can sometimes be hard to start, and finish. 

Working with waste fabric means giving new life to resources which could otherwise be thrown out, which is the much more sustainable option! Additionally, I have never seen fabric as beautiful as what is available second hand, for sale as new. 

We have been buying and selling vintage saris for years and since I was a young girl I can remember making fairy fancy dress outfits and all kinds of accessories from them.

We decided to make some tutorial videos on some really simple items you can make from an old vintage sari. 

Below is our sari head band tutorial which involves no sewing at all.

Happy crafting! 

Daisy X 


I bought the 9 drawer with hand painted ceramic fronts. It is beautiful. I love it, it is well made and the design, colours are fantastic. Will be buying from Iansnow again. Thank you

Chilli Ice on December 08, 2019

I’ve just become aware of your company and site and I love it.. Put in an order last week and looking forward to putting in another. Your prices are very fair and reasonable. Great job, Thank you.

Linda Whiter on November 28, 2019

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