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From Rags to Retirement; Jakki Moase, 23 years at Ian Snow's.

We look back at the last 23 years of being at the helm of the Ian Snow ship, as Jakki, our managing director heads for well earned retirement.

There have always been 3 things that she was passionate about from a very young age, making clothes, re-using waste, and one day being able to buy her own farm. To understand the inspiring journey of Jakki's working life, we first have to go back 30 years, to find the 25 year old Jakki Moase, living alone, in her factory, in a small house made from pallets, surrounded by rubbish. Jakki started a business making clothes from waste rags, it was called Scrap Scrap. She sold her wares at a local craft centre where after a few months she met an interesting hippy called Ian, who wore great clothes and sold at the local markets. Ian told her he thought Scrap Scrap would not work and she was wasting her time. 

Over the next 5 years, Jakki built a sustainable and stylish business that sky-rocketed, she saw fast growth, orders from big brands such as Liberty's, Harrods, Topshop, to name a few, weekly media attention, and even dinner with Prince Charles. One day she found herself putting an advert in the newspaper to take on 17 cutters and seamstresses, in one go! Oh and that interesting hippy, he started ordering from her for his shops.

Ian dealt with someone called Kate at Scrap Scrap, she was the sales manager and is still one of Jakki's closest friends, she got to know Ian and decided he seemed quite interesting and a good match for Jakki. She arranged for them to go on a date and Jakki was enthralled by his crazy dancing, weird food and exotic home, they soon got together.

Meanwhile, with her business still going well, there was one thing she did not for-see... the country ran out of rags, in 5 years, she had exhausted all of the UK supply of cotton velvet. She decided to go to India with Ian, in search of old silk saris, by the time they went, she was 8 weeks pregnant with her first daughter, Daisy. When she returned from India she decided to close Scrap Scrap, not only had she used all the rags but the grunge look she catered for was going out of fashion, after a crazy 5 years she was ready for the next chapter. Ian helped her close her factory and she moved heaps and heaps of rags to his house in rural Mid-Wales, using her old library van, painted pink, and covered in huge flowers. After closing Scrap Scrap and before having Daisy, Jakki had promised to make Kate her wedding and bridesmaid dresses, and used silk she had brought back from India, she spent that summer sewing, cleaning the house ready for the arrival of the baby, and helping Ian with his shops.

In November 1995, baby Daisy was born, Jakki settled into motherhood and continued to help Ian with his shops. After 6 months they decided to do the festival circuit to clear a lot of dead stock Ian had accumulated over the years, they set off with a ropey Mercedes 604 and a caravan in tow. They did this for the following 3 years, until Jakki was pregnant again with their second daughter, India. Jakki was 34 at this point, and had been living away from her home in Devon for 17 years. With two young children, she wanted to be back near her mum, so they decided to look for somewhere to buy in North Devon. Scrap Scrap dealt its very last card of excitement when it enabled them to buy the farm of their dreams, 10 minutes from her parents, rural and run down, they moved in the summer of 1999.

They settled into the farm, and its many outbuildings, which soon became warehouses for bohemian Indian wares that they were importing. Jakki wanted her own project that she could nurture and push again, so started selling Ian Snow products to other shops.

She picked orders with India strapped to her back, and did the paper work in between nap times. After a few months she realised she could do with a hand, so approached a husband and wife team on the neighbouring farm, Jean came to work in the office (a plyboarded off section of the cow shed), and Chris in the warehouse (the cow shed).

Ian Snow's grew slowly over the years, selling to more and more shops and gradually taking on more people to help with the demand. Jakki focused on doing up all of the outbuildings and putting up a few new sheds, over the span of 15 years, to make room for more and more Indian treasures. 

Fast forward to 2019 and there are 5 people working in the warehouse and 14 in the office. Both, Daisy and India have been involved in the business their entire lives and have worked for the business full time since leaving school, gradually taking more of a front seat as Jakki gets ready to hang up the reins. Ian Snow's is now stocked in so many incredible shops across the globe and having launched its online platform in 2013, now has a combined social reach of over 50k. The brand is committed to promoting ethical and sustainable business practise through the trade of beautiful, hand made products. 



Jakki, thank you for leaving us in such a strong and exciting place. You have been the most incredible accountant, buyer, furniture fixer, sewer, leader, problem solver, teacher, sales women, designer, lorry unloader & mender. Enjoy your next chapter. 






Thankyou for this wonderful article. It’s great to know the background at last. I first met Ian at the Horseshoe Pass festival above Ruthin 1979ish. He had a little stall there and we bought incence and various essential accessories while spending a lot of time chatting with this interesting man who had flowing blonde hair and moustache and wore a large green velvet cape. A few years later I discovered his shop in Newtown and we met again briefly. Eventually we got to know the machynlleth shop where we shopped for quite a few clothes and are now on your colourful mailing list. After a while in your story there ceases to be any more mention of Ian ….. I hesitate to ask x

Tony Wainwright on July 02, 2021

Such a lovely story! But now I wander. What happened to Ian?

Marta on July 02, 2021

What uplifting and inspiring words to Jakkie and all at Ian Snow’s,

I don’t suppose you have any job vacancies atm.
Thank you

Cathy on February 29, 2020

I love this story so much! What a fantastic and inspirational life and future you have!

wendy rigg on November 28, 2019

Congrats on your retirement!
I don’t know if it’s ok, but I’m going to ask anyway, I am clearing my mums house ready for selling due to her being in care with dementia, when I found a beautiful mini dress with a label “Jakki London”! Could this be your label? Regards Kevin

Kevin on July 25, 2019

Been a long time since we lived opposite each other in halls at the Poly ;) Congratulations Jakki on your wonderful career and business success, and enjoy your new retired life :) Liz (UD212) xx

Liz Rees on March 31, 2019

Dear Jakkie
Incredible story. After 23 years of rough life you deserve a quite Happy & Healthy retired life. We wish you all the Best for the years ahead. Of course we will miss your cheerful smiling face at the Trade Fairs in future.

BOSCO on March 31, 2019

I remember well the first time I saw scrap scrap at a show ( nec) ? and clocked the patchwork coats. Well we sold hundreds in Good Habit.
Hope you have a long enjoyable retirement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I think of all the good times that I wasted having good times
Mike x

MIKE REES on March 31, 2019

Interesting piece : love the name scrap scrap

Ahead of its time

Not sure about describing someone describing his partner as a sewer but I think I know what you mean

Patrick Morrison on March 31, 2019

SOh how,lovely. I,remember Jacki too from the beginning. Such a viberant and beautiful person with that lovely smile and hair. I too brought scrap scrap and l and my customers loved,. I remember going to the NEC to the trade show and seeing Ian sitting under a tent looking like a real hippy. I so enjoyed all the things I had from you everything always sold so well. I too am retired but so many many Happy memories of you and the team. Enjoy Jacki xxxx

Brigid Wills on March 31, 2019

Totally inspiring. Have fun doing whatever happens next Jakki and thanks for taking risks and building such a great business that we all enjoy.

Helen Ball on July 25, 2019

Happy retirement Jakki
And good luck to your team .

Roger at Red Shed on March 31, 2019

A really lovely and inspiring story. Thank you for your work, Jakki and wishing you a peaceful and enjoyable retirement.

Mandy on March 31, 2019

Wow! Amazing to know the whole story! I know I still have my original Scrap Scrap scarf made from velvet curtain scraps that I bought from Shrewsbury’s market!

Ce Whitehouse on March 27, 2019

What a lovely story! Ian Sniw products are the best! Happy retirement Jakki x

Rachel Collyer on March 27, 2019

What a delightful story.!! Thank you for sharing.

sara-lea small on March 27, 2019

So interesting to read this. I remember seeing Scrap Scrap clothes in Top Shop on a visit back to London years ago. I’ve loved jumble sales since I was a very small girl and love reusing things. I also love the things on the Ian Snow page. My daughter treated me to your lovely socks for Xmas.

Gay Kerr on March 27, 2019

What a star you are Jakki! I can’t believe it’s been so long (or that I got a mention!). Here’s to a long and very happy retirement ❤️ Kate xxx

Kate on March 27, 2019

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