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29th - 31st of March; Daily Rice Fund Update

29th - 31st of March; Daily Rice Fund Update

DAILY UPDATE 31.03.20: We now have a second kitchen up and running and have collectively raised enough for almost 92,000 meals! Thank you so much everyone, this is helping SO MANY people.
Daisy, X

DAILY UPDATE 29.03.20:

So far we all have raised enough money for about 73,000 meals!!!

Thank you all SO much for your generous donations and for sharing the campaign. I also would like to say a massive thank you to Gautam, Rinku, Raghav, Fardeep and everyone who is preparing the food and distributing it. You are all amazing, selfless people 🙏

One meal is £0.21, so just a £1 donation is going to feed 5 people.

The link to donate is…

Thank you all, stay safe and loads of love,
Daisy x


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