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1st April 20; Daily Rice Fund Update

1st April 20; Daily Rice Fund Update

Migration to villages has now slowed down due to government enforcements. The team is now concentrating on providing raw ingredient bags to daily wage workers who are now stuck in Jaipur and those who live in Jaipur. Today the team have distributed basic food bags containing the following ingredients:
5kg of wheat flour
1kg of pulses
750g of sugar
1kg of rice
250g of tea
250ml of mustard oil
Each of these bags can feed a family of 3-4 people for 6-7 days.
The situation constantly being monitored at ground level so we can continue to be proactive & get food out to those in desperate need.
Please continue to share our posts and donate where possible - it really is much appreciated.
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Thank you SO much everyone for your continued support, you are all so kind, and a huge thank you to the team in India working super hard to help as many people as possible right now.
Take care everyone,
Daisy X

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  • Fantastic work.

    I Promise to donate next month , but this month has been a heavy one donating on a pension! A lot of charities got to me first. But I won’t forget you are dear to my heart.

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