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28th March 2020; Daily Wage & Migrant Worker Rice Fund Update


Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say a MASSIVE heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated to and shared our campaign.

Good News:
-We have a second kitchen being set up in Gautams (a supplier of our paper lampshades) factory this weekend.
-We have so far raised over £12,000 in less than 24 hours, which is an incredible amount and is going to help thousands of people over the next few days
-The team is out today distributing food to thousands of people that are travelling back to their villages, on foot, thousands of kilometres away.
-The Indian government have announced rent pauses for people for the next month.

Bad News:
-Hundreds of thousands of people are currently migrating to their villages, which is going to cause a massive outbreak of the virus in places where they have no infrastructure to deal with it.
-Not everyone migrating will even know about the virus, they just know that their work has stopped, and that they have no where to sleep and no food to eat.
-The governments promise of help with food is not reaching enough people.
-At the moment people are more scared of starving to death than dying from the virus, the virus luckily is yet to take hold and I am praying it doesn't but with mass movement it undoubtedly will.

I am personally very scared that India is heading for a huge humanitarian disaster, I honestly do not know what the answer is. I feel helpless being here but am in touch with so many of the incredible people we work with each day who are keeping me informed with how they are coordinating the distribution of food and what the current situation is in India each day.

If we can help just a few thousand people each day then we are changing the world that day for those people.

Thank so much, stay safe & love to you all, Daisy X


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