Nepalese Brushed Cotton Throw

Product Description

When your sofa is too good to cover, but it just needs that extra something, choose this beautiful and colourful throw. The pattern is based on a form of weaving called Saami, which is traditionally used for belts, and it is painstakingly constructed on a handloom. The brushed cotton, with which this one is made, makes it both weighty and soft which is a dream combination. Whether folded over the arm of a leather sofa, slung casually across a chair, wrapped around you for additional warmth or snuggled under it by the fire on a winter evening, this throw is destined to become a much-loved and long-lasting addition to your world. Not just a cover up, but a must-have accessory.

Supplier Info:

This manufacturer rents a factory and employs just under forty staff. Employees are given a bonus and benefits for meeting production targets and the company occasionally gives staff extra payments to celebrate holy festivals. They use traditional techniques such as printing, hand-embroidery and fabric weaving, plus Saami techniques which is a traditional form of hand-looming that creates a particular type of pattern. Materials can include cotton, wool and recycled silk yarn depending on the product and the owner is proud that he is providing employment for the local people as well as reviving and maintaining traditional Saami hand-loomed textiles.

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Traditional
  • Heavy and soft
  • Versatile

Dimensions: 120 x 170cm

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