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A personal message from Daisy
As 2020 comes to a close I have so much I wish to say to every single person who has supported us this year, a bitter sweet message whilst feeling so grateful our business still exists but heartache when thinking about all kinds of hardships which have been faced this year by so many people across the globe. I don’t want to focus on the negatives, as this year has had a few too many of them, but be assured I have not forgotten them. I’ll begin with writing to you, our message from the team here at Ian Snow’s.
After 43 years of existence, on the 18th of March 2020, I genuinely believed we were only going to last a few months. We set about paying all our suppliers, ensuring we had enough funds to cover wages and doing intense cash flows every single day. I thought the ship that my mum and dad had so graciously sailed for all these years, the ship I have spent all 25 years of my life being part of, was about to sink and it’s destiny felt truly out of my hands.
On the 25th of March 2020, India went into lockdown and I started to hear about people starving, there was nothing much we could further do to try to save our business at this time, and the reality for so many people in India was far worse than ours, we turned our focus to getting in touch with suppliers who are friends of ours in India, to see if they could help us donate £2000 to help feed daily wage earners. The answer was yes and this project ended up taking over my life at the time, and some how escalated into the one thing I am the most proud we have ever managed to do. ‘We’, meaning every single one of you, who in a time of hardship and uncertainty still generously donated funds to help those in greater need, I guess it was at this point I realised that no matter what we were such a strong community and I could never see that be lost. Over £40,000, 200,000 meals and 2200 food packages later, the lock down ended.
Business wise, we remained on tick over, and I felt so thankful that we were a small but seemingly robust business, things started to settle down a bit, not to normal but to the new normal, and you all supported us so much by continuing to order from us and every single member of our team and our partners across the globe appreciate that. So really this message is to say a huge THANK YOU for being part of our journey this year, you are the reason we still exist, and the reason we are still here, aiming to continuously do our best for people and planet and trying to be a better option. There is still so much work to do but we are always moving forward.
To end, we are proud of what we ended up achieving this year, from all the various projects we have got involved in and donated towards, from the advances we have made in terms of sustainability to the beautiful products that have been designed. Personally, I am so utterly proud of our team who have worked so hard this year and have showed such heartfelt passion towards this business. Clare, Rebecca, Steve, Georgie, Paddy, Steph, Maurice, Meghan, Aimee, Richard, Chris, Tash, Hannah and Adrian, you are all amazing, thank you for everything you have done. And thank you to my family, Mum, Ian, India, Bobby and Rob who have worked all nighters, packed orders, made lunch, helped look after Demelza and supported me so much. Not to mention all the other businesses and friends who have been there, from our postman Mike to my best friends Usama and Riz. I am so thankful to every single one of you.
On that note, our office and warehouse is now closed until the 4th of January, we considered trying to open a bit in between but if we are honest we are all incredibly knackered so could do with a short rest. Please email us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We wish all our amazing followers, supporters, customers, and each person involved with this business that is so incredible to be part of, the best break possible.
Huge love to you all
Daisy X


Dear Daisy, I have only just come across your company , what a wonderful story. I shall definitely keep an eye on your site.
Kind regards

Karen Lawson on July 02, 2021

You are all amazing 💖💖💖

Jilly Teece on July 02, 2021

What a beautiful thing to do .Well done all of you .lt is heartwarming to read of people coming together and helping .God bless you all x

Christina Procter on July 02, 2021

Good Morning to the Ian Snow family
Lovely site, images, messaging and stories. I particularly like the time line and a massage from Daisy.
A huge well done and for getting 200,000 meals out.
Keep rocking the world

Jamie Graham on July 02, 2021

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