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BLACK FRIDAY D...ONATIONS. 100% of profit, find out more about our pledge this year.
It's almost Black Friday, a day marked in my calendar as a bad day for our planet, however, this year we really all can work together to show that huge discounting and endless consumption is not what we want nor something that can continue to happen. We can vote with our wallets, we can support only small independents, ethical or local businesses, we can support charities and projects that are fighting for positive change and we can also simply do nothing at all, we really do not need to feel pushed to purchase.

As usual, there will be no discounts from us, but we pledge to donate 100% of profits to our emergency fund, should you choose to buy from us on this day. (More info on that below)
We are saying no to Black Friday, for numerous reasons:
  • We don’t want to encourage impulsive or careless consumption.
  • We don’t ever inflate our prices to just be able to discount them.
  • We don’t over-produce products, we always under-produce.
What is the emergency fund?
A fund that can be used quickly next time we feel we can directly help in an emergency situation.
After this year, everything does seem much more fragile than it used to be. With lock downs around the world being announced under short notice, orders being cancelled by huge companies, people losing jobs and having their means of making an income taken away from them. The way the world used to run has changed, in some ways for the better and some ways for the worst, but in any crisis, its often marginalised people who suffer the most.
We’ve thought a lot about what we would like to do to go against the traditional Black Friday this year, and how to try and turn what we perceive as a day of doom and gloom into a more positive one. We found ourselves taken back to March time this year, and thinking about the incredible journey of the Rice Fund in Jaipur, a time of an awful crisis which ended with such a positive outcome. We acted quickly at the time, you all got behind us and gave the most generous support, our suppliers in India worked so hard to cook and distribute food. Next time we feel we can do something to help in an emergency, we want to be able to act quickly before we have to think about how much we can afford to donate and before we start any fundraising.
Of course, we don’t know what the next emergency will be, but when the need arises, and there is something we can directly get involved in we will use the money to try and help.
So if tomorrow you are planning on purchasing something you need or have considered for a while, we would love & appreciate for it to be with us, or other independent ethical businesses.
Buy less & choose well, or buy nothing at all.
Love from Daisy and the Ian Snow team x

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Oh for more companies like yours! Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity another notch, and for your lovely merchandise. Merry and safe Christmas to you all.

Claire on July 02, 2021

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