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Want Ian Snow vouchers for your old fabric and clothes?

29/01/21 update *SERVICE NOW PAUSED*


Do you have old clothes or fabrics that you would like to re-home?

Our UK factory is now open and in full swing and we would really appreciate any fabrics/old clothing that you no longer want in exchange for Ian Snow vouchers! Everything sent to us will he put to good use and not a thing will be wasted, all buttons, zips and the fabric will be used.

Check out the below image to see how much we will offer per kilo! If you are sending 5-10kg please use our free collect plus service:

If you are sending more than 10kg please email us at and we will arrange a collection via DPD.

At the moment we unfortunately cannot accept less than 5kg at a time but we are working to change this.

Terms and Conditions

All vouchers are subject to our discretion, everything will be sorted fairly and appropriately.

Please ensure you attached your email address to any bag or box that is sent so that we can issue your voucher.

If you are unsure on whether to send something, or what we would pay for it, or even if we might pay more then please send us an image of the items either by email to or by whatsapp to 01271 858649.


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