Natural Unfinished Teak Branch Folding Stool with Goat-hide Cushion

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Product Description

Handmade in Jakarta, Indonesia, this teak branch folding stool with goat-hide cushion has been lovingly handmade using traditional and artisan techniques. It features a natural unfinished look, and the wood has been left untreated leaving it pale in colour, which compliments the goat-hide colour palette perfectly. This stool is considered green because all the wood used is recycled, and no trees are cut down to produce this product. The company that makes this product says “We are the first company that has produced rustic furniture and home accessories, we’ve also maintained many customers and some have supported us since the beginning, this shows that our customers are happy with our quality, and the products are well received”. Half of the employees working at this company are cottage workers, this means they can work from home whilst still taking care of their families. Situate this unique stool anywhere in your home, to create a rustic, caveman look which people are sure to talk about! It can also be easily folded away, for easy and minimal storage. Match with our teak branch chair (FT270), for ultimate caveman comfort.

Why we love this product!

  • Made from recycled wood
  • Handmade and fairtrade
  • Considered a ‘green’ product
  • Natural, untreated wood
  • Fold-able

Dimensions: W:41cm D:36cm H:44cm

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