Vintage Wooden Chapati Stick/Rolling Pin - 07

SKU: VO457-07
Product Description

For those of us with a touch of the bohemian persuasion, an individually styled kitchen is a prerequisite. This room is more often than not the heart of the home and easily lends itself to creating an unique quirkiness. This gorgeous vintage chapati stick is perfect for the job. It’s utterly useless for food prep, but looks absolutely divine in a utensils pot! (We think you totally get what we are saying here fellow bohos). The supplier of these eclectic items is based in Jodhpur and has nine employees and eighteen sub contractors. They are a hard working team with a good knowledge of vintage items. The employees receive three free meals a day and loans are available to them should they be required. During festivals workers get gifts and sweets. As well as sourcing vintage-ware, this company restores old vintage furniture and also makes some smaller items from recycled wood. They hope to be able to expand the business abroad one day, but this is a longterm dream. Originally used for rolling out the chapati dough this stick makes a fab decoration along with paintbrushes, art stuff (could be used for clay) or just as an ornament on its own. Due to its vintage nature, we wouldn’t recommend using it for spices or other foodstuff.

We why love this product!

  • Vintage
  • Fairly traded
  • A spot of quirky individualism
  • Gorgeous looking
  • Instant boho flair

Dimensions: Approx Diameter 6cm x Approx Height: 30cm

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