Pierced Metal Incense Holder Box with 10 Incense Sticks

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This ingenious little box is handmade by a multi-award winning small manufacturer of incense and related products. It has a small sliding lock to keep the contents safe, but is also an incense burner. Open the ornate lid and inside there is a clever device that is basically a tiny tube on a raised platform. The incense can be stored under the platform and when ready to light, the stick can be inserted into the tube to keep it in place whilst burning. The beautiful cut-out design on all sides enables the lid to be closed and the incense simply infuses into the room. Empty the ash and replace the stash until next time. The factory employs up to sixty men and women and in addition to a statutory wage staff receive bonuses at festival time and they do on occasion, have free food in the factory. The employer will assist workers in special circumstances. The factory is licensed and adheres to strict government guidelines regarding hygiene, workers’ requirements and insists on no child labour. Environmentally they harvest rain water, recycle incense waste and cardboard waste and also recycle metal left overs. This is a simple device that is not only lovely to look at with its bright colour and pattern, but is useful too. It makes a great gift as it comes with ten incense sticks in a matching colour and scent. Six vibrant colours are available with matching incense: Yellow((YE) - Nag Champa), Blue((BL) Jasmine), Purple((PU) Lavender), Red((RE) Rose), Orange((OR) Sandal) and Green((GR) Patchouli).   

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fairtrade
  • Bright colours
  • Matching incense sticks included
  • A great gift

Dimensions: W:27.5cm D:5cm H:4.5cm

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