Multi-Coloured Pompom Wreath

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Product Description

This is not a novel idea, but it is an inspired one. A pompom wreath. It’s genius. It is bright and cheery, it will last the length of the season - time and time again. It is fun and guaranteed to bring a smile to face of anyone who comes knocking at your door. Merry pompoms everyone!

Supplier Info: They are brought to you via a medium-sized manufacturer who employs almost three hundred people at the factory and mainly at home. All employees receive benefits in addition to statutory wages such as provident fund pensions, employee insurance, interest free loans and bonuses at festival time. There is also a staff welfare fund where workers committee decides on how to spend it according to the welfare needs of employees. They also harvest rain water and sell their waste products to a recycling company and have plans to install a solar inverter. They are proud to have started from zero and be where they are today with their exports increasing annually  and put it down to the hard working staff. Their dream is to become one of the biggest export houses for handmade goods thereby giving work and the opportunity to earn to poor families.




Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • A wreath of colour
  • Bright and cheerful
  • Genius


Dimensions: Diameter: 34cm H: 6.5cm

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