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Let’s keep the conversation going.

Let’s keep the conversation going.

We are looking for 5 pieces of artwork which champion the black lives matter movement.The artwork will be turned into cushions and used on our social platforms to spread awareness. 100% of profits will be donated to charities fighting against racism.Each winner will receive a cushion with their artwork on it and will be publicised on our website and channels, but most importantly the artwork/final product will be used to raise money to help make change happen.Please tag and share with anyone who you think may be interested ✨To enter, please send your artwork to before the 2nd of...

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Knitwear xox

A few days ago I visited a lovely lady who makes our wonderful knitted cardigans, to get to her factory/house, we walked down a narrow street, shoes off at the door and up some creaking stairs we went to find a woollen paradise! This old […]

Felt Factory

Yesterday I visited one of our suppliers in their beautiful factory in Nepal, we found some great new products but the most exciting part was having a tour of the felt making factory. First things first -I have never known an owner with such a […]

Some interesting finds..

I have spent a couple of days walking around Thamel, Kathmandu on the look out for new and exciting items. Last night whilst sat in a hazy incensey metre by metre shop of who is only known as the singing bowl man I spotted out […]


We have been in Nepal for a couple if days now, the weather is much cooler than India and its not as busy, the streets are filled with lovely little shops and everywhere is surprisingly clean! I have found some cool new products and have […]

Exciting Awesome Wonderful First Blog Entry!!!

Hello Everyone!! Firstly I am going to apologise in advance for my over use of exclamation marks, I think they are they greatest inventions ever and the only punctuation that actually lets me get my general enthusiasm for everything across through a computer screen!!!!!! Well […]

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