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Felt Factory


Yesterday I visited one of our suppliers in their beautiful factory in Nepal, we found some great new products but the most exciting part was having a tour of the felt making factory. First things first -I have never known an owner with such a large work force (1200 in total but less working direct from factory) know every single employee by name! We saw the entire process of making the raw material into felt and then in to products. It was so amazing to see – all the shapes were moulded by hand using water and soap. It was clear to see all of the workers had such a good relationship with their boss, he would walk into the room and within minutes have them all laughing and making jokes about him! We could tell he really appreciated his workforce, he would introduce us to his staff by telling us how important their job was and would show us the work they did. The amazing colourful felt was nothing in comparison to the happy bubbly atmosphere the Indian ladies in their bright saris and busy men in their western shirts created!


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