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Exciting Awesome Wonderful First Blog Entry!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Firstly I am going to apologise in advance for my over use of exclamation marks, I think they are they greatest inventions ever and the only punctuation that actually lets me get my general enthusiasm for everything across through a computer screen!!!!!!

Well this is the first blog entry of hopefully many more to come, I am just finalising the last and final bits to the website before its launch on Friday, it’s incredible how many little niggly bits I keep finding, all taking so much time! With just 8 days left until I go away to visit our factories in India it’s all a bit of a manic rush home here in Devon.

Please follow the blog over the coming months as I will be posting loads of information about India, the products we buy, how they are made and most importantly WHO makes them! I will be going to India around the 5th of October (I think this will be my 9th visit) but I am still as ever looking forward to it! (everything apart from the food and smell and heat)

Until next time, goodnight all!
Time to go and continue working on the website!!
Love from Daisy


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