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The last few days of Nepal

We left Nepal early Monday morning to continue our journey to Jaipur.

In Nepal, after visiting everyone we deal with, we spent a couple of days walking around Thamel looking for new suppliers and products. We found some great new leather bags and some gorgeous pashminas, which I bought 50 samples of there and then which just so conviently managed to catch a little air shipment we had leaving that day. So looking forward to them arriving home- if Jakki doesn’t want to order them I’m sure they can be put to use somewhere… (Maybe in my wardrobe!!)
Also got a bit obsessed with some old Tibetan items which definitly wouldn’t not sell but nonetheless I took the details!


On the last day we had a bit of spare time so I decided to take my second visit to Boudhanath Stupa purely to by a few lucky necklaces from a monk who sits by the temple. I bought one last year and straight after putting it on a lot of good things started happening, then I decided to lend it to a friend who was going to be going through a very tough situation to being him good luck and the very day I took it off I reversed my Porsche into a bollard, fell over and ripped my favourite dress… Power of the thoughs perhaps, or maybe their is indeed some power in it, who knows!
Anyway, my sister and best friend Emily had requested one, then I decided to get one for another friend who I thought would benefit from one, then my uncle text me saying he wanted one, and then he text me saying my gran AND grandad wanted one. Then not to feel left out, Ian decided he wanted one. So off I went to buy 7 lucky necklaces from this Buddhist monk. Who I found out was called Lama Tasi, after spending a hour in his company! We spoke for quite sometime, he was a very clever man, who lived very simple using his beliefs to guide him through life. He was a very genuine man, I hope one day our paths will cross again. Anyway, I showed him pictures of each of my family and friends in question, told Tasi their names and he chanted a blessing for them, over each necklace.



Finally we left Nepal after a week a strange and rather enjoyable weather, it had been very hot but with a breeze and sun rather than humidity so I didn’t mind it too much.

Leaving the airport was indeed just as much as an ordeal as arriving… Queing for 1 hour just to tick a box on our visa… Definitly allow a few hours queuing time if your planning on visiting Nepal anytime soon!

And finally, wow what an amazing flight it was! (See pic below)


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