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Jaipur- the pink city

We spent a week in Jaipur visiting some amazing textile and furniture suppliers, always my favourite place in India as nothing beats the colours of Rajhastan!

We spent most of our time sourcing beautiful old fabrics, silks, cottons, sarees and kanthas. I couldn’t resist all the old silk sarees we were shown and fell in love and bought so so many!
Spent a lot of time with a new supplier making up amazing samples of cushions and dresses out of old silks! Can’t wait for production to start!

We also went out a lot with good friends from Jaipur as our oldest relationships started in the beautiful pink city.
The most interesting evening was at Chowki Dhani, a typical Rajhastani heritage resort, here I had the chance to ride on a camel and an elephant followed by the most traditional dinner I’ve ever experienced- sat on the floor, eating from bajots and out of leaf plates and bowls- was a bit spicy for me but none the less an amazing evening!

The highlight of the night by far was going back to our friends house for a late night coffee where the most interesting story time began! Tales of how he started selling skirts on the street for 60 rupees to how he got where he is today, a successful business man with multiple ventures and even a street named after him! Such an inspirational man, and it was clear the journey was by far not an easy one.

We visited so so many factories whilst in Jaipur, all of which are interesting and inspirational to see (pictures to follow as they are on my laptop not phone!)


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