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Day 2 Nepal

Today I’ve visited 4 lovely suppliers, a mixture of felt, paper and woollen products. A clear pattern is showing- in the time I have finished selecting and am ready to leave Ian has only just started drinking his chai… Slooooow is not the word! If it wasn’t for him and the bumpy roads and horrendous traffic I reckon I could be done in a day!
Anyway, a few interesting things I have discovered today.

The Nepalese government is trying to make a lot of roads bigger, by knocking front if buildings down. The owners will receive no compensation and cannot protest it. Anything can be knocked down unless the buildings listed on the old heritage site.
The countries moving forward but as usual not in the most democratic way- but what can you do.

I learned today a 3 bedroom apartment is £100 a month, and salary is £60 a month
Fuel has gone up to £1.. So we should definitely stop complaining about UK prices when we are earning what the average Nepalese would in a day!

I saw a 2 year old sweeping steps today outside their parents shop, shame our country isn’t a bit more like that!



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Day 2 Nepal


Day 2 Nepal