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Storage and Baskets

A natural solution to your storage problems can be found on our storage and baskets pages. Whether you preference is for hemp, leather, bamboo, wire, seagrass, or recycled materials we have the perfect option for you.

The range of colours and textures will give you plenty to browse and each of our products is finished with a meticulous attention to detail making them high quality, hard wearing and sturdy items. The collection also features some exciting bamboo baskets, and several sets of three baskets with varying designs.

The patterns are striking and the natural feel and production of each storage item and basket gives them an organic feel and look. They hold their structure whilst remaining flexible so you can fit everything in! There are subtle tones of grey, green, orange and natural that have more of an eco-friendly statement about them.

This ethical range of beautifully crafted baskets are often handmade so the whole process is completed with skilled hands. The care that goes into each creation is evident in the finish. The craftsmanship of assembling and weaving has been done with an age old skill. They are all lovingly crafted making them one-off creations full of individuality and originality.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection

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