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DAILY UPDATE; 09.04.20 Community Kitchen Rice Fund


We have today welcomed on-board a 4th kitchen.

We are now distributing in total about 3000 cooked meals a day cross Jaipur, along with about 100 food ingredient bags (each bag being about 28 meals). Now, with the view of longevity and being able to provide a steady flow of support, with the current funds we have we were hoping to run at this scale until the 25th of April.

Nothing is confirmed yet but from what I have heard from accurate sources, the lock down is now going to be most likely lengthened until the 30th of April, and possibly beyond. 

I am now asking again that everyone please please share these posts and donate where possible, things are going to be tough for longer than we had foreseen.

I have been slower with updates recently as have been waiting to hear what is going to happen in India in regards to the lock down. They are facing the constant difficult decision in relation to the balance between the health crisis and the economic crisis, and ultimately both will have devastating effects, because an economic crisis in a country with no state welfare scheme, where businesses are currently paying all employed workers and daily and migrant workers have just been left with no income does ultimately mean the possibility of thousands of people starving to death. There is of course no simple answer, right now there many kitchens that are running across India through families self funding and through fund raisers like this one are what is keeping thousands of people alive.

A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone has supported from commenting, sharing and donating, it really is making such a different to thousands of people daily. 

£1 funds 5 cooked meals, £4.20 funds an ingredient bag which will last 4 people for 1 week.

If you would like to donate less than £5 please paypal to

If you would like to donate over £5 please use this link


Take Care everyone,




This is amazing, I hope the funds have helped you keep going as long as possible. I am so impressed with how the company is going, you were such a tiny when I worked for your dad and now you are doing an incredible job!

Hannah Jones mcvey on June 18, 2020

I’ve just seen your website for the first time today, clicked on to view your beautiful items and saw the food donating for India. When I visited India with my daughter and fell in love with the place and the people. I think about the country everyday during this terrible time. Fabulous what you are doing. I’ve shared on my fb page and will donate now. Stay safe 🙏🏽

Jo Gregory on June 18, 2020

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