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DAILY UPDATE 06.04.20:

We are now almost up to 130,000 meals!
Please keep sharing and donating where you can.🙏

The amount of people migrating to their villages has now almost entirely slowed down. People were basically paused where they were, so now it is a case of doing regular rounds to as many areas as we can where the families of daily wage workers live, to drop off food bags. We are also going to a same point each day where migrant workers / daily wage workers with no homes, know they can collect a cooked meal from.

Like all over the world, everything is extremely uncertain right now in India, both lock down or no lock down, each have major, major implications. I honestly don’t know what the answer is and I am scared for what’s going to happen. Every part of me is praying that the virus doesn’t take hold but also for people to be able to go back to earning a living soon.

Honestly, I really cannot thank you all enough for supporting this campaign so far, two weeks ago I felt in a utter state of despair, I was so worried about what I could see was about to unravel. All over India, small community kitchens have been set up by the public, so collectively I feel so proud that WE all have pulled together and been part of that. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

‘As one person, it’s impossible to change the world, but you can change the world for one person ’ ...and that’s what you all have done, all the likes, comments, shares, messages or support and generous donations.

I also cannot thank the amazing teams we are working with in Jaipur enough, they are working round the clock, cooking, managing supplies, distributing and organising everything. You people are a true blessing to man kind ❤️

Let’s keep this ball rolling and continue to feed as many people as we can!

To donate under £5 please PayPal:
To donate over £5 please use this link:


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