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Indian Signs

This is how our tradeshow stand signs started off– the theme is old indian trucks
Whilst in Jodhpur I went to a very remote painting village with one of our suppliers, I went equipped with a hand-sketched bit of screwed up paper and a fairly good idea of how I wanted them to look! None of the painters could speak any English and my Hindi is unfortunately not that good either! So we relied on communicating through pictures and pointing! I painted one sign with the painters when I was there and they did the rest after I had left India. Our supplier told me that in the evening they all decided to walk out to where the trucks park up and got inspiration from the trucks for these signs- the painters were so lovely and so talented, hopefully they could see by the smile on my face after the first one was done, how happy I was!! When the container arrived which contained the signs I could not contain my excitement, it was so cool opening them and seeing how great they looked!



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