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Vintage Wooden Printing Press Tray

Ian Snow Ltd

SKU: VO774

Vintage Wooden Printing Press Tray is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Industrial revelation! Long before computers and smart phones, the main line of communication was through papers. These were printed by machine, but not before the pages were painstakingly laid out backwards with block letters with which to print from. Letters, or typeface, were kept in cases and here is a lovely example. It is vintage and very well constructed (as metal type is heavy) and is where the term ‘upper case’ for capital letters derives. Perfect for displaying knick-knacks and indeed small printing blocks.

Approx Measurements - W:88cm D:35cm H:4cm

Please be aware that each tray is individual so the one you receive will differ from the website images. We have tried to show a full representation of our latest vintage batch. Due to the unique nature of the product we are unable to accept requests.


Why we love this product!

  • Vintage and pre-loved
  • Fair Trade
  • Industrial revelation
  • Beautifully unique
  • Perfectly imperfect


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