Bohemian Carved Bed with Vintage Finish

SKU: FT272
Product Description

This incredible, bohemian carved bed has been handmade in Jodhpur, India, using traditional and artisan techniques. It features a unique, vintage style finish and a subtle, muted colour palette, consisting of cream, turquoise blues, greens and pinks. Intricate brass trim details feature heavily throughout the bed frame and sun-dial style edges hallmark the headboard. This kingsize bed will transform your bedroom into a bohemian style boudoir that is fit for a king! Let your imagination run wild, and cover with an array of tumbling cushions and layers of bedspreads and quilts. Make this bed take pride of place in your bedroom and create your own boho heaven.

Supplier Info: The company that makes this item are a well-equipped team of skilled labourers, who faithfully carry out their tasks. All employees receive statutory wages and fair trade standards are maintained throughout the work environment. 


Why we love this product!

  • Intricate, brass trim details
  • Vintage style finish
  • Subtle, muted colour palette
  • Handmade and fair trade
  • A statement piece

Dimensions: W: 150cm D: 200cm H: 122cm

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