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Here is some information on some key areas of our business, we are by no means perfect,
but are actively trying to improve all areas of our business everyday.
Below you will find information on what we are currently doing and what we currently are working on.


Fair Trade

We work with a diverse range of suppliers, from small, not-for-profits to larger manufacturers, and think its just as important to work with larger suppliers who provide reliable employment to their local community as it is smaller ones. We ensure all our suppliers pay a fair wage. You can read more about our commitment to fair trade here.


Decent Working

We visit the factories we buy from or have them audited so we can see first hand, the factory conditions.


Ethical Sourcing &
Supply Chain Management

We have worked with many of our suppliers for decades, forming trustworthy, long-lasting relationships. When we start working with a new supplier we visit their factory/premises or have them audited.


Supporting Traditional Skills

Every product we buy supports traditional artisan skills, our products encompass the incredible workmanship that has been passed through generations such as hand-weaving, mehendi painting and hand block printing. We also support cottage industry.


Energy Efficiency

We ensure we only buy products that are made by hand and involve a small amount of machine use (still operated by hand), or none.



All orders we have placed for products, from January 2019 will be plastic free AND naked, unless the goods are breakable. We are investigating options for packaging for breakable goods but this is still in research. We also use second hand boxes to send parcels out.


Water Efficiency

We harvest rain water at our warehouse and office which is used to flush toilets and water plants. We also have a compost loo which uses no water.


Chemical Management

We inform our suppliers of what chemicals our products must be free from and regularly have products tested to ensure they do not contain harmful chemicals. We buy many products which are made using natural dyes.


Pollution Reduction

We bring 95% of our products in by sea as opposed to air. We have 2 wind turbines and solar panels on all building roofs to power our office and warehouse. We have planted over 2000 trees on our premises.


Recycling & Waste

A large proportion of our products are made from upcycled materials, we mend every item that arrives broken and don’t throw anything away. To send our products out to customers we only use second hand boxes.


Environmentally Friendly Materials

We currently use a lot of up-cycled materials in our products as well as jute. We are actively working to ensure that all future orders are made using sustainable materials and plan to become members of the Better Cotton Initiative this year. 


Use of Animal Products

We do not use any animal derived materials which are not a by product of the meat industry.


Sustainable Business Model

We sell low-volume, high quality products which are made by hand which we hope will be used and loved for generations. Many of our products are made from upcycled materials, and if they aren't, we are trying to swap for more sustainable raw material.


Considered Purchase

We promote a mentality where every purchase is a considered one. To only buy what you love, care for it, repair it and cherish it forever. Additionally, because many of our items are one offs and are all handmade we really hope people would be less inclined to treat them as a cheap throw away item.