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We can’t change history but we must change the future.
We can’t change history but we must change the future.

No one is born racist, we need to stand together to ensure what has been taught through generation after generation, is UNLEARNT. We need to all be part of the fight to ensure that no more generations are taught racial prejudice & hatred. We need to call for immediate systematic change to not just unsettle but to pull the roots up & re build them, EQUALLY, to create a world where the colour of your skin does not define what you can become, does not define whether police are going to arrest you, hassle you or kill you, does not define whether people are going to judge you or take you seriously.

But to make change happen we all need to think about how our actions are actively supporting racism, DAILY.

We must ensure we are not supporting businesses, brands & organisations that do not treat people equally & fairly. The whole system that has been built, in terms of globalisation is very much linked to buying things from marginalised areas for ‘cheap’ prices, everything costs a certain amount to produce, if something seems cheap then someone somewhere is paying that price, buying that item could be supporting a structure which is racist, not fair trade, & is environmentally damaging in areas where people LIVE. Im talking about pollution from factories pouring into village’s drinking water, pesticides being used that are causing birth defects in whole communities, farmers being exploited by big corporate companies, the flint water disaster... so many countries have USED, ABUSED & STOLEN from SO MANY people living in less developed areas & it still happens EVERY SINGLE DAY, from the food we buy, the clothes we wear & the items in our homes. WE ARE ALL PART OF THIS PROBLEM, THIS POST IS BEING READ MOST LIKELY ON AN IPHONE WHICH CONTAINS COBALT MINED BY CHILDREN IN CONGO.


Money talks & real change happens when the money stops flowing, but to enable mass numbers of people to buy better, to not support racism, & non fair trade practises we also need to be able to afford to do so.. the system is broken.
A horrendous cycle which I will continuously try to fight a way out of. 📷 @marianavsarka


I left you a message a few months ago regarding the way police officers are depicted in this picture and piece of writing. You didn’t post it. Why?

Emma on July 02, 2021

I was looking to buy from your website untill I saw the picture above of the lady standing in front of the police office. Your implying the police are guilty. My husband is a hard working police officer and I am sick of seeing pictures like this. There good and bad everywhere. Why can’t people a aknowledge the good officers? There’s far more good than bad! Not that it probably matters to you but I won’t be buying!

Emma Green on July 02, 2021

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