India Update: Part 1





Today we visited one of our suppliers that makes our very popular woven throws (TW101/2/3/4). Their factory is in Panipat, which is a two hour drive north of Delhi, through Haryana. It was such good fun driving there seeing all the amazing sights; such as whole families plus their luggage all on one scooter, bicycle rickshaws stacked with goods, the beautifully decorated auto rickshaws in Panipat, all the street sellers with their fruit and vegetables piled high on carts, and road side fast food, it seems like one long street market, there was even a band playing on one lane of the express-way!



We watched our throws being made on giant weaving machines, and we also watched some rugs being woven by hand on small looms. It was interesting to see how they prepared the warp threads for the weaving machines and how special effects, such as tufting is achieved. We also saw lots of beautiful new products…oh no! We’re going to need a bigger warehouse!




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