Enamel Lampshades Featured at The Ridge



The Ridge in East Sussex is a spacious, beach style holiday home, with beautiful surroundings and stylish decor. ‘The Ridge, a track that takes you to Rye Harbour, skirts the nature reserve on the landward side. There’s a select community of beach houses here, Hamptons style, and The Ridge fits in a treat. Décor has that washed, beachy look and the wooden floors reclaimed from Hastings Pier and soft sofas come dressed in homely rugs and throws. There’s a scattering of cushions in Breton blue and white, seaside artwork and a porthole theme that pops up around the place.’


We love the unique interior design of this holiday home, especially the little cubby hole which leads into a cosy and inviting alcove full of cushions! (Above)



Our yellow enamel lampshades look lovely, as featured in two of the spacious bedrooms. Flashes of yellow give the stylish holiday home a modern twist, whilst matching yellow bedspreads and side tables tie the room together.

Our enamel lampshades come in a range of six different colours and two different sizes. They’re perfect for bringing a pop of colour into any room or tying a look together.


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