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Ian’s Childhood Days – Porth Colmon


Porth Colman, Wales

Porth Colman, Wales Is a beautiful old fishing harbour situated at the end of the Llŷn Peninsula where I spent most of my childhood holidays staying at my grandparents house – a short walk from Porth Colman at Llain Tudor. The harbour remains a vivid memory and my connection is stronger because of an incident that happened there in 1957. A dispute occured between my father and the owner of the headland, Arthur Smith. My father had parked his car on the land, as he always did while he went fishing. When we returned from the fishing trip Smith had parked his car in front of my fathers vehicle to prevent him from leaving. He was then assaulted by Arthur Smith, as he had recently brought Porth Colmon Farm and was trying to prevent car parking on the land. In the subsequent court case my father won the case and Mr Smith was fined £2 with 50 guineas costs.

A little walk from Port Colmon is a small cove called Porth Ty Mawr which is famous for the loss of the Iron Barque Stuart in 1901 with a cargo of whiskey, porcelain and grand pianos which ended up in homes around the vicinity.

“It was a favourite place of mine when I was young as it was remote and it seemed no one knew about it.”

Ian Snow


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Ian’s Childhood Days – Porth Colmon


Ian’s Childhood Days – Porth Colmon