Zigzag Handloom Cotton Chindi Rug

Product Description

From a distance this rug is characterised by a zigzag pattern, but close up there is a myriad of colour within the weave. This subtle rainbow rug is akin to a Monet painting where the multi-coloured dots merge before your eyes to create a masterpiece. 

Supplier Info: The supplier of it employs over a hundred people, fifteen of whom work in the factory for inspection, finishing and packing as quality is of great importance to them. The rest are artisan weavers who weave the rugs in their own homes. The rugs are woven with cotton rags that are collected, washed and recycled from various sources. These ones are enhanced with naturally hand-dyed cotton warp. In addition to their statutory wage, workers receive a bonus and gifts at festival times. They work closely with the local community running a primary school providing free education for children. They pride themselves in the quality of their products, honesty in all things and fulfil the requirements of their customers to the best of their ability.


Why we love this product!

  • Hand-Woven
  • Fair Trade
  • Recycled
  • A subtle rainbow of a rug 
  • Make an impression

Small: 90 x 150cm

Large: 150 x 210cm

Flying carpets are fun in story books, but not at home so we recommend using an anti-slip underlay with this rug to keep it firmly on the ground.

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