Woven Wool Triangle Rug

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Product Description

This is a beautiful textile that is hand-dyed in natural, welcoming and warming hues. Using traditional techniques, this rug is hand-woven and its resplendence lies within the geometric imperfection and quirky irregularity of the pattern. It is an office favourite. This textile manufacturer employs four hundred people of which over half are cottage workers. All employees receive ES insurance and are entitled to free family medical treatment, a retirement scheme and if necessary, interest free loans. The company also works closely with several international and well-known charities, including Oxfam, helping people in need. Artisans use traditional handiwork techniques to make their products including weaving, embroidery, kantha, cutwork, tie-dye, block and screen printing. Materials can include wool, cotton and seagrass as well as more unusual recycled materials such as sweet wrappers. The team consists of mainly young people who the company say are energetic and committed to a shared vision of the future. This fantastic rug adds contemporary style and a homely, geometric exuberance to a space. Go graphic.

Why we love this product!

- Fairtrade

- Hand-woven

- Hand-dyed

- Geometric exuberance

- Contemporary and homely warmth

Dimensions: 120 x 180cm

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