Wool Pompom String

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Pompoms are fab decoration for any time of the year, but the autumnal colours of this pompom string make it a great choice for a seasonal decoration, whether that be Thanksgiving, Bonfire Night, a party or just because you love Autumn. The evenly spaced woolly pompoms on two and a half metres of string means it can easily embellish the length of a wall or a large window. Alternatively, bunch them into a wooden bowl or wrap around the Christmas tree.

Supplier Info: This textile manufacturer employs 400 men and women, of which 260 are cottage workers. Employees receive ES insurance to get free medical treatment for all the family, provident fund for pensions and interest free loans for various health problems or marriage.  They support SOS Children Village India, Save the Children and Oxfam as their favoured charities. Traditional techniques involved include hand-weaving, hand embroidery, kantha work, sequins, cutwork, tie-dye, block and screen printing. Materials used include wool/jute, jute/cotton, seagrass, wool/cotton and recycled materials are recycled cotton, recycled denim, sweet wrappers and saris. They have an excellent team of young people who are energetic and committed, giving a new vision.




Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Autumnal colours, but a year-round decoration
  • Versatile decoration
  • Long length


Dimensions: L: 250 cm

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