Makalu Wool Hat

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Product Description

As the nights draw in and winter takes hold, this gorgeous unisex hat is guaranteed to keep you toasty and stylish. Handmade from 100% wool and topped a large, soft faux fur pompom, the design is hand-knitted and hand-embroidered. The inside is lined with a red fleece band for a snug fit and extra insulation. Wear this hat with pride knowing that it looks good and helps to do good.

Supplier Info: There are over two hundred and fifty people involved in the manufacturing side of this company based in Nepal. Only seventy-five of them work on the factory premises, and the remainder work from home. The employees are very skilled, always willing to lend a hand, and an honest and friendly atmosphere prevails throughout the company. Factory employees are provided with free meals and the employees who are on piece work are given a 50% advance. All of the products are hand-knitted and hand-embroidered and free training of certain skills is on offer, especially to those who were affected by the recent earthquake. The company are working towards becoming more 'green' and already have a rainwater harvesting system in place. They aim to make more improvements that are eco-friendly. They also provide jobs for women with a lack or education, are financially poor or have been abused by partners, in order to help them gain confidence. Wear this hat with pride knowing that it looks good and helps to do good.


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100% wool

One size

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