Wooden Hanging Bird Decoration

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This lovely handmade decoration is a wonderful mix of delicate chunk. The bird itself is deliberately roughly cut from a light wood and is a fabulously thick whole two centimetres in width. The front and the back is decorated with a fine festive polka dot and a gentle vintage-inspired rose doily design. It is trimmed in gold and hung from a brass hook-eye and rustic jute string. It is rough and smooth, both intricate and primitive. Just lovely. This is made by medium-sized manufacturer who employs four hundred people, some at the factory, some cottage workers and some sub contractors. Employees receive such benefits as Provident Funding and ES insurance, plus bonuses at festival time in addition to statutory wages. They also harvest rain water and sell their waste products to the recycling company. The owner is quoted as saying that "a team of employers should be self-responsible, understand their duty well and should have faith in their workmanship with positive attitude. Their ultimate goal should be to make the end user use our product with a smile!". Check!

Why we love this product!

  • Fairtrade
  • Handmade
  • Rustic and rough-cut
  • Fine vintage-inspired decoration
  • Smiles by the mile

Dimensions: H:6.5cm W:9.5cm

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