Wooden Elephant With Embossed Metal Cladding

SKU: WC088
Product Description
The gentle and majestic qualities of such a fine animal are beautifully illustrated by this hand-carved elephant ornament. She seems to be almost dancing, taking delicate steps whilst trumpeting at her own brilliance. The artisan idiosyncrasies shine through as each one is just slightly different. Eighty people are employed in this company with an additional four hundred or so artisans working in different cities throughout northern India. All employees receive a bonus once a year and are given performance incentives. Traditional techniques are used to make their products and this one is a lovely example with smooth hand-carving and embossed metal. The attention to detail is amazing. The metal is attached with equally-spaced tiny brass tacks that only serve to enhance the embossed pattern and the grain of the wood is chosen to mimic an elephant's wrinkled and characterful skin. A wonderful and truly lovely gift.

Why we love this product!

Traditional techniques
Artisan idiosyncrasies
A lovely gift

Diameter: W:19cm D:7cm H:17cm

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