Wooden Distressed Brass & Iron Chest

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Bohemia, to some, is rooted in freedom, being free-spirited and free from any rules or responsibility, all wrapped up in a vagabond lifestyle. The Modern Bohemian can choose to pick parts of this philosophy and take the spirit of the vagabond into their living space. It is here that can best reflect personality or any lack of boundaries without having to resort to actual homelessness. This sumptuous golden chest, for example, is the epitome of this modern stance. By taking a standard everyday object, coating it in distressed and lustrous metal and adding chunky wooden wheels is a beautiful act of defiance. Why bling a serviceable wooden chest? Just because is the answer. Why not indeed? More is more! Break the rules a little and add a statement piece such as this to enjoy a vibrant and slightly mutinous home, but without causing a riot. Well, at least until your friends see it anyway. Vive la revolution!

Supplier Info: There are eighty-five members of staff who work in this Delhi based factory of which about 20% are women. All employees are entitled to legal benefits like leave, bonuses, PF and ESI and in addition there are recreational trips, meals, sports and entertainments. In their local community, they support (through a renowned NGO) two work centres that are developing local work for women. Any waste is sold and recycled by third parties. 


Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • Embossed and distressed finish
  • It’s got wheels
  • More is more!

Dimensions: 115cm x 40cm x 45cm

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