Vintage Iron Railway Lantern

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Product Description

Please note these items vary slightly as they are all vintage and no two are the same. You will receive an item extremely similar to the images shown. 

The soft ambient light that a candle provides is always a sociable favourite, but this vintage lamp goes that one step further. Not only is the casing original, it is unbeatable on unique quality. Each one is different and shows the dents and battle scars from a previous life. Fully working and complete with a new wick, simply fill with lamp oil and party on in style. Please note safety instructions below. 

Supplier Info: This supplier is based in Jodhpur with nine employees and eighteen sub contractors. They are a hard working team with a good knowledge of vintage items. Employees receive three free meals a day and loans are available to them if required. The company celebrates the festivals Diwali, Holi and Eid when workers receive gifts and sweets. They also restore vintage furniture and make some smaller items from recycled wood. They have long term plans and hope to gradually expand the business.


Why we love this product!

  • Vintage
  • Fair Trade
  • Refurbished, fully working
  • Beautifully unique
  • Perfectly imperfect

Dimensions: H: 35cm Diameter: 20cm


Please follow these instructions for safe use of oil lamps.

An oil lamp will provide years of trouble free service, when the following procedures are observed.

  • Fill oil container to 3/4 of its capacity with a refined non scented lamp oil.
  • Allow the wick to become saturated for at least 30 minutes.
  • Adjust the wick so that it shows just over the top of the wick tube and make sure it is level with sharp scissors.
  • Turn up gently to avoid cracking or shattering of the cold chimney glass. Replace the window and top after lighting. Replace the window and top after lighting.
  • The wick should be adjusted to give a reasonable light without smoking. On first lighting, the wick may have to be adjusted.
  • Extinguishing should be done by turning the wick very low and blowing across the top of the chimney. Do not touch the hot lamp.
  • Do not relight the oil burner before the lamp has cooled down
  • Always keep a lamp on an even surface.
  • Do not leave burning lamps unattended, and keep them well out of reach of children.


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