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Vintage Indian Sacred Clay Statue - 10

Ian Snow Ltd

SKU: VO1340-10

Vintage Indian Clay Statue

Approx Measurements - W:27cm D:11cm H:25cm

Please Note: These items are vintage pieces and show some evidence of their previous life


Maker Profile:

This supplier in Jodhpur has 9 employees & 18 sub contractors. They are a hard working team with a good knowledge of vintage items. The employees receive 3 free meals a day and loans are available to them should they are required. During festivals they get gifts and sweets. They celebrate Diwali and Holi and also Eid. This company restores old vintage furniture & also makes some smaller items from recycled wood. They hope to be able to expand the business abroad one day but this is a long term dream. 


Why we love this product!

  • Each statue is unique
  • A spot of quirky individualism
  • Vintage