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Up-Cycled Glass Bottle Lampshade

Ian Snow Ltd

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SKU: LP204

Up-Cycled clear glass bottle lampshade with coconut string

Bulb not included

Please note that these bottle lampshades are sold as assorted

Approx Measurements - Dia:8cm H:28cm


Maker Profile:

A small company that specialises in recycling, based on the tiny island of Zanzibar, just off of Tanzania. This supplier employees just 15 men and women. In addition they work with waste pickers & companies at tourism resorts who collect the bottle waste and transport companies who bring the bottles to be recycled at their workplace. They collect  the wooden parts for their products at local wood and coconut factories. When their orders are quite big, they also work with local craftspeople to do the carving on the wood. As a company they try to empower women, and focus on attracting more women. But sometimes they are more difficult to involve in the type of work they do or they are expected to stay home. Furthermore, they employ local young unemployed people, who have difficulties finding a job due to their low educational background. They describe their team as an enthusiastic, motivated small group of people. They love to work as a team, help each other, train each other and divide the work. They are open to learning new things and now also the women are more and more engaged in what they think used to be men's work (cutting the glasses). It turns out they deliver more beautiful quality than the men! This company provides loans to their staff. For a very small contribution they can enjoy the meal that is prepared by the cook. A bonus is given when they have been working hard to finish an order. And at special celebration days (Christmas and Eid) everyone receives a financial contribution.