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Tula Woollen Hand Knotted Rug

Ian Snow Ltd

SKU: RG166

Tula Woollen Hand Knotted Rug

Measurements: 160x230cm


Supplier Info:

This rug manufacturer does everything from dying to despatch. The rugs are produced in villages scattered in almost 100km radius from the office. 200 home workers are employed, with around 10 people in the office co-ordinating the orders and shipping. The home-workers are given the raw materials and patterns and they are visited regularly to ensure the quality and designs are correct. Established in 1957 it is a family run business specialising in rug manufacture for the last 31 years. There is a real team atmosphere and every stage benefits from their hard-working and honest approach, in addition they are true artisans producing quality craftsmanship making the business a great success. The team is treated like family and they are all taken care of on a personal as well as business level. In addition to their statutory wage workers receive accident and life insurance policy, meals twice a month, snacks and tea everyday, support for their small children to be educated, clothing and necessities provided as needed, medical help if needed, support for big events such as marriages etc., Diwali is celebrated in a nice way with gifts distributed to the entire team, and also other festivals according to the different religions. They have a charitable trust in the name of the founders 'Krishna Chaman'. Waste raw material such as wool is recycled, rainwater is used to water the garden, electricity use is kept to a minimum, and trees are planted to green the environment. They are in the process of becoming SEDEX registered and are always working on providing a better and happier workplace. Their long-term aim is not just to earn profits but to contribute in social welfare and to uplift the quality of life of all who are involved with them from the beginning. Everyday they learn new things, meet new people and experience different cultures and this means they never stop learning.