Tropical Twig Pencils

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Product Description

These totally tropical twig pencils are handmade from actual straight twigs complete with bark, ensuring that each on is truly unique. The pencil end is whittled to a sharp, multi-faceted point that leaves a looped, arched pattern where the bark meets. The colourful figures on the end range from parrots to lizards and are fashioned from a coarse clay that adds to the artisan quality. They are cleverly attached to appear as if clinging to or climbing the twig. They make an impressive and bright display altogether in a pot or lovely individual gifts.

Supplier Info: Based in the mountainous areas of Thailand the people who make these items are mainly women and are based in their own homes. Everything they make follows traditional practises and items are made primarily from cotton, incorporating old pieces of clothing. Selling these handicrafts alongside their customary agricultural industry means additional income.






Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade and natural
  • Individual quirks
  • Colourful coarse clay finish
  • Six designs

Dimensions: W: 3cm D: 11cm H: 1cm

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