Tie Dye Cotton Chindi Rug

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These rugs have a neat tie-dye effect to them due to the varying shades of one colour within a white background. This supplier employs one hundred and twenty-five people. Fifteen of whom work in the factory inspecting, finishing and packing and the rest are weavers who work in their own homes, as tradition dictates. The rugs they produce are woven with recycled rags collected from many sources and some, like this one, are enhanced with the addition of natural hand-spun jute. Employees receive a statutory wage, and this supplier also gives bonuses and gifts when the Diwali Festival of Light is celebrated in October. The company runs a primary school in their local community providing free education for children and the owner is quoted as saying "I believe in quality and honesty, and we try to do our best to fulfil the requirements of our customers, and I started this company by myself." The white contrast with the monochrome lends these rugs well for use in a bathroom. Imagine stepping out of a soothing and relaxing bathroom onto the crisp warm cotton, whilst brightening the decor at the same time.

Why we love this product!

Handwoven in a traditional manner
A neat monochrome tie-dye effect
Great in a bathroom

Dimensions: 60 x 90cm

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