Tibetan Painted Wooden Plate Ash Catcher

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Product Description

This wooden ash catcher is hand-painted and colourful making an eye-catching decoration as well as a useful gift. Decorated with the lotus flower it is a beautiful Buddhist symbol of purity of the body, speech and mind. In nature, while rooted in mud, the lotus flower blossom on long stalks that float above the murky waters. It symbolises detachment too as drops of water easily slide off its petals.

Supplier Info: This supplier has fifty people who work on the premises and around the same again who work at home. Employees receive Provident Fund pension schemes on top of their statutory wages and plus tea and tiffin for the factory workers. They use with 100% natural raw materials when making their products and the company is affiliated with a charitable association working for a new free eye treatment centre in the village and a centre for people with disabilities. They endeavour to provide the best service that they can to their customers and actively encourage harmony and happiness within their working team.


Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Hand-finished
  • Cast brass
  • Represents good thoughts and wishes
  • A decorative and useful gift

Dimensions: Diameter: 7cm

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