Tasselled Felt Bag

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Product Description
Bagsy this boho creation! We’ve known it for ages, but now it seems it is official. Chloe, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren… they are all at it. Fringed bags are the item to have. Leapfrog the crowds with this gorgeous handmade and fairtrade creation, far away from the uniform mass-producers. This artisan handbag is unique in that no two are exactly the same. This specialist supplier employs over fifty staff for administration and nearly four hundred workers, who are mainly women, on piecework. All employees have health insurance and all felt articles come from traditional techniques. Still today people from the village area wear felt dresses, boots and blankets for daily use. They use 100% sheep wool, cotton lining for bags and about 3% of wool they recycle again. They also use solar power and donate money to the local community. Currently, they provide the funds for three employees’ children to go to school. This lovely short strapped shoulder bag is cleverly made in one whole piece so there are no visible seems and it creates a lovely pouch effect. It sits snuggly under the elbow, but the strap is long enough to avoid going through contortionists proportions just to reach your phone! For festival wear and added hippy chic, thread coloured beads onto the fringe, or for every day wear or evening style, stay bare. Accessorise with denim, leather and killer heels.

Why we love this product!

• Handmade
• Fairtrade
• Fringed design
• Two-tone effect
• An artisan product with mass appeal

Dimensions: W:28cm H:34/63cm

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