Tan Brown Leather Butterfly Chair

Product Description

In this version of the chair the collapsible frame is slung with a robust tan leather, characterised with oversized stitching and is reminiscent of a horse’s saddle. So harness your inner cowboy/girl, seek a hide and install a classic piece of furniture into your homestead. The best thing is, it gets just better and better with age.   

Supplier Info: The supplier is a small-scale company based in Moradabad, India and employs fifteen men full-time in their factory. They describe them as hardworking and highly experienced. They tend to only employ men as many of the aspects of the manufacturing process are physically demanding, but are not opposed to employing women. They offer their workers interest-free loans and any training that is necessary for the development and manufacture of their products. Looking to the future they hope to expand their business and move to larger premises where the good working conditions they currently practice will continue and any improvements deemed necessary will be made. They believe that anything is possible and are proud to hold a good and honest business that allows their workers a better standard of living. 




Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • Classic and timeless design
  • Simple
  • Harness your inner cowboy/girl

Dimensions: W:70cm D:62cm H:90cm

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